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About Us

Our after death assistance is offered by and supports the not-for-profit Scottish charity Pushing Up The Daisies. It was inspired by the requests to the charity helpline from people who wanted to care for a loved one themselves, but either were not confident in the care of their body or were not able to provide transport themselves. "How can I get to the crematorium ?" is a common enquiry.



The Way We Work


We believe that you are the funeral director. We are your assistant, advisor and supporter.

We focus on how we can assist people's deepest needs and aspirations to be met - always with an eye to the practicalities.


We take account of the needs and desires of someone who has taken their last breath, those arranging their burial/cremation and those with a significant emotional connection to them. 

We advise on how you can do things yourself, or assist you to do them. We will always look for, and suggest, ways you can involve your close family, friends or community.

Pushing Up The Daisies

The charity was founded by a group of women in Moray in 2016 and is still based there. The charity's aim is to provide information and support so people can consider their options and find meaningful connection in the days between someone's last breath and their burial or cremation.


For more information about the charity's work and their online course click HERE.

Speaking Up for the Quiet Voices


We are especially keen to speak up for the quiet voices - usually women, often carers - who need time for a gentle release from caring.

We believe it is important that we do everything within our power so that people with a significant attachment to the person who has died feel like they have handed them over, rather than having them wrenched away.

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