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Planning Ahead


Most people think of after death preparation as planning for their funeral. Whilst this can be important, we suggest that preparing fully involves much more than this. The result of the afterdeath preparation we are suggesting is to write a letter, which covers the whole of the postmortem gap from your last breath until your burial or cremation. We call it a “To Whom It May Concern” letter, since it is often addressed to anyone, family, friends or carers, who might be involved when you take your last breath. 

Preparing and writing the letter can be helpful in establishing what is important to you, gives you the possibility to prepare those who are going to be affected by your death, and also gives great opportunities for conversations with them. It takes thought and attention to write a letter that is going to convey your wishes and consider the needs of those close to you.

So, what do I write in the letter ? See Pushing Up The Daisies website for more information


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